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Hengda Booster Compressors are generated for some special applications such as moulding, printing, and leak testing.
Hengda Booster Compressors are designed to provide high pressure compressed air, which also have a enlarged displacement capacity.
Hengda booster compressor offer an economical compressing air system for high pressure.

Hengda Booster Air Compressor Specifications

Model FAD(CBM/m) WP(Bar) Motor(KW)
BC108-07 0.5 4.0 5.5
BC180-10 1.4 4.0 7.5
BC260-10 2.0 4.0 15
BC330-10 2.5 4.0 15
BC430-10 3.2 4.0 18.5
BC560-10 4.2 4.0 22
BC650-10 5.0 4.0 25
BC870-10 8.0 4.0 30
BC1000-10 10.0 4.0 30

Hengda Brand Air Compressor Factory Introduce
Hengda factory has constantly pursued state-of-the-art technology. We are specialized in manufacturing high pressure air compressor, non-lube air compressor, industrial air compressor, and booster compressor, adopting the latest scientific know-how and technology.

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